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How to buy Windows 10 – Tips to get your original license at a low cost

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Windows 10 is one of the most popular Microsoft OSs ever. Not only functional and lightweight, but Windows 10 has also been praised for its modern features and UI, its integration with Xbox Games service, and, most importantly all the small fixes and remedies to Windows 8.1 interface and Windows 7 security issues. Read also How to Buy Microsoft Office – Get Your Genuine License For A Cheap Price!

If you’re going to get a new PC, maybe you need to buy Windows 10 – perhaps you’re going to kiss your old Win 8 installation goodbye… whatever the case, keep on reading and you’ll discover how to get the best deals for Windows 10 and buy your brand new license without breaking the bank, and the law altogether!

How to buy Windows 10 – Tips to get your original license at a low cost

Can you buy Windows 10 for cheap?

One of the first things you may have noticed in your journey to get your Windows 10 license, is probably the fact that you can actually buy it directly from Microsoft online. Despite how convenient it is to buy products without leaving your desk or sofa, one thing is sure: Windows 10 doesn’t come cheap on the Microsoft Store. This can be an issue, especially if you’re a student on a budget or a freelance with limited business.

So, can you buy Windows 10 for cheap? Absolutely! We’ve written this article to help you navigate the overwhelming mass of deals, opportunities, discounts, and other offers online, to get your Windows 10 at the best price, without breaking your wallet or the law. Yes, because, as with everything related to the magical world of the Internet, caution must be used when it comes to buying a digital license for any software you need. Remember: when a deal is too good to be true, it most likely is. One of the best solutions we tested and chose is Mr Key Shop, one of the best websites where you can buy Operating Systems Windows 10 and other original software at the best price, we’ll talk about its services and pluses later.

Where should you go for the best Windows 10 deals?

Searching across the web, you may encounter a certain number of offerings, from private vendors/merchants on eBay or Amazon to a plethora of websites promising the best prices for Windows 10 or whatever piece of software you’re looking for. And, while it’s obvious that the Microsoft Store is not your only legit source of digital licenses, you must understand how to discern the righteous, legit deals from other questionable ones.

On one hand, you must know that you actually buy Windows 10 at a low price, thanks to the ESD licensing model. ESD licenses are digital licenses that companies purchase in bulk to get a volume discount on the overall price. This way, they can pay a lesser unit price, activate all the required seats, and then sell the exceeding licenses to recover some budget.

Such a practice has been deemed as a legit process in many jurisdictions across the world, including Europe, where the European Court of Justice ruled that ESD licenses can be legally resold. This is why you’ll find a lot of third parties selling Microsoft Windows 10 and Office licenses for cheaper prices than Microsoft MSRP. 

On the other, though, not all resellers are playing fair. There is the so-called grey market, where the boundaries between legit transactions and illegal ones are quite fuzzy. Here you may incur stolen product keys, or licenses bought in bulk by using stolen, forged, or cloned credit cards. Cybercriminals thrive in such a market, but you as a user may get exposed as scams, frauds, as well as see both your money and your new license are gone forever. Yes, because Microsoft may void any suspect key at any time.

Fortunately, there are some legit companies as well. And they all share some traits: secure payments, money-back warranty, fully-fledged Customer Service in your language with no extra fees, a good track record of review and feedback on external sources, like TrustPilot.

Among the best third-party resellers we tried in time, one we really liked is Mr Key Shop. Based in the UK, Mr Key Shop is a professional online store offering Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and Antivirus licenses. You may find a vast selection of options, from Windows 7, 8, and you can buy Windows 10, to Microsoft Office Suite 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, very soon, Windows 11 Operating System and Microsoft Office 2019 Suite. They also offer top security Antivirus brands like Avast, McAfee, Kaspersky, ESET, and Norton, both for computers and mobile phones/tablets. But the best things are their competitive pricing, instant delivery after purchase, and professional, free-of-charge Customer Service. It is important to know that the upgrade to Windows 11 will be free of charge for those who have a genuine Windows 10 license installed.

They also provide their customers with everything they need to download, install and activate Windows 10 and the other products on sale, from a complete and clear set of instructions, an official download link to the ISO files, and, of course, a 100% genuine product key. We recommend you to go check their catalog frequently since Mr Key Shop offers discounts and deals throughout the year.

Yes, but why buy Windows 10 in 2021?

There are plenty of good reasons to buy Windows 10: first of all this is one of the best OSs ever. It slowly grew in the hearts of users, and, most importantly, it will be supported until 2025 – four full years of use.

Secondly, a genuine Windows 10 will grant you the free upgrade to Windows 11, once it will be out in October 2021. And this could also be an excellent strategy if you wish to upgrade to Windows 11 since you can buy now a cheap Windows 10 license, and then go for the upgrade.

You can also upgrade to Windows 10 from Win 7 or Win 8.1 if for any reason you’re not eligible for the old, free upgrade. The upgrade license is even cheaper, and you will need Win 10 anyway, if you want to ditch your old Win 8.1 installation in favor of the latest Microsoft OS, to the extent that you meet all the system required, TPM included.

But let’s say you just built a brand new PC, this is the best moment for you to buy a discounted Windows 10 license, and then go for Windows 11 upgrade with no extra costs!

Takeaway – Go for the best Windows 10 deals, stay for Windows 11!

Wherever the store you want to invest in is, do check some basic requirements: secure payments (i.e. PayPal), money-back warranty, clear and transparent Terms & Conditions, good Customer Service, and, most importantly, feedback and reviews on external websites like TrustPilot.

No matter which version you need, if you have to buy Windows 10 Professional or choose a discounted Windows 10 Home license, be extra careful about the asking price. A deal that is too good to be true, it most likely is. Mr Key Shop meets all the aforementioned requirements, and if you decide to go on and buy from there, rest assured you’ll have a very pleasant experience.

That said, Windows 10 is still an excellent OS you can buy, not only for the Windows 11 free upgrade but also for the modern look, fast performance, and all those sweet optimizations for touch screens and multi-device user experiences. We’re sure that Windows 10 will be loved and remembered forever, and we suspect that 2025 won’t be its final year, as many users may want to stick with it for longer.

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