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How to create a fundraiser on Facebook


Are you hoping to start fundraising to support your local animalshelter? Perhaps you want to raise money for a new business venture. Or maybe you’re a Nigerian prince who lost access to his family fortune. No matter what your goals are, there are plenty of tools available to you online to help. Even Facebook offers an easy-to-use tool to help you raise money. Given the popularity of social media these days, this may be exactly where you need to start.

How to create a fundraiser on Facebook

Why Facebook?

Facebook provides an excellent tool for you to use to raise money for a charitable organization or for other needs. And, because Facebook is the largest social media platform today, and because it is easily integrated into just about any other platform, this tool is a practical choice.

How to make it happen

Facebook offers two options for creating a fundraiser. One is to help nonprofits or other charities. The second is to use it for personal causes. You can follow the same basic steps for accessing this information. Here’s a breakdown of what to do.

Raising funds for yourself, a friend, or a nonprofit


If this is the route you need to take, follow these steps:

  • On the left side of your screen, click the Explore menu to reveal Fundraisers.
  • Then, click Raise Money.
  • You can then choose the type of fundraiser you plan to use. You can choose Friend, Nonprofit, or Yourself.
  • You’ll then need to choose a category, add a photo for the cover, and provide some basic details about the fundraiser.
  • Click Create, and the fundraiser is ready to go.

facebook fundraiser

Funding your fundraiser

Once you complete these steps, you’ll then be able to list your fundraiser on your Facebook page or share the link with people outside of Facebook. The site makes it easy to link a credit card or other funding option. As far as fees go, any fundraiser set up for donations to charitable organizations using the Facebook platform don’t charge fees. Personal fundraisers can be charged a payment processing fee. Depending on where you live, there also may be applicable taxes.

The good news is that the process takes just minutes. Plus, the platform is trustworthy. Facebook may shut down fundraisers it deems are not authentic or scams. What’s left for you to do? Hit up your friend list and remind them why your cause is important!

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