How to: Create a wish list of iTunes movie rentals

How to: Create a wish list of iTunes movie rentals

iTunes rentalYesterday we gave you the lowdown on the new iTunes movie rental service, which works seamlessly in iTunes and offers loads of exciting titles from the six major studios. With this new service, Apple are looking to revive their Apple TV, of which version 2.0 was announced during the Macworld Keynote. It’s also an extra step forward for the iTunes store, which introduced movies and then iPod games not so long ago. Overall, initial reactions to iTunes movie rentals have been pretty positive. I reckon this is a great feature if you have an Apple TV, but not so wonderful if you only have a Macbook or iMac. I have to admit that my idea of renting a movie is still associated with watching it on the big screen and sitting back in the sofa.

One of the small things that Apple left out is being able to create a wish list for your rentals. Now having a wish list in iTunes is great – mine’s full of albums waiting to be bought. Even though you can’t drag rentals into a new list in iTunes there’s a workaround to this. Simply go to the movie page in the rentals section of iTunes and drag the title into a new “To rent” folder in your Finder. Your wish list of rentals will be available as webloc files in that folder. You can have it appear in your sidebar but apparently not in your Dock. Even better, use Shift-Command-Control-4 and drag a part of the movie page in iTunes (like the movie cover) and paste that into the stored file. This will give your list those cool little preview thumbnails that you can enjoy in Leopard.

Even though it’s probably not as easy as creating a simple wishlist in iTunes, it’s the only way around for now. And on a positive note, it also means that you can view your wishlist even when iTunes is turned off.


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