How to: Create an iPhone 4 wallpaper in Photoshop

How to: Create an iPhone 4 wallpaper in Photoshop

How often have you seen an image that you’d like to use as a wallpaper on your iPhone 4? In my case it happens all the time, but I’m never sure if the image will fit my iPhone – with the clock, the unlock bar and everything in the way. Luckily, I’ve found a simple trick to turn your favorite photos into gorgeous iPhone 4 wallpapers. All you need is this iPhone 4 template from DeviantArt, then follow these steps:

1. Open the iPhone wallpaper template in Photoshop and unlock the background layer by double clicking on it.

2. Now open the image you want to use as iPhone wallpaper (I’ll use this Japanese-style drawing), select it with Ctrl+A and copy it to the clipboard with Ctrl+C.

3. Go back to the template and paste the content of the clipboard with Ctrl+V. Make sure the new layer with your wallpaper is below the template (you won’t be able to see it).

4. With the template layer selected, reduce the opacity value to 50%. Now you should be able to see your wallpaper through the template.

5. Click the wallpaper layer again to make it the active layer and use the Move tool (V) to adjust the image to the template. Make sure the clock and unlock bar don’t overlap the most interesting parts of your image.

6.You can also crop the central area of the template to get a better preview of your iPhone wallpaper. Just select the template layer, use the Marquee tool (M) to select the square between the clock and the unlock bar and press Delete on your keyboard.

7. Once you’re done, simply delete the template layer from the image, and save your iPhone wallpaper as a JPG. Sync the image with your phone through iTunes, and set it as wallpaper from the Photos app. This is how my new wallpaper looks on my iPhone!

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