How to erase files forever

How to erase files forever

Erase files permanentlyIn case you didn’t know, deleting a file from your hard drive doesn’t mean it’s wiped out forever. Instead, the system simply marks the space occupied by those files as ‘free-to-use’ again. This means that, using the appropriate application, you could fairly easily recover previously deleted files.

The question is then, how do you delete files so that they can’t be recovered by any means? The best option is to use any of the deletion tools we have at Softonic, such as Simple File Shredder, R-Wipe & Clean and SuperCleaner, to name a few.

But this process can be made even easier by installing DeleteOnClick. This small tool adds a new option to the file’s context menu from which you can permanently erase it, beyond all recovery possibilities. No interface, no options to check, no extra features: simply erase data forever.

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