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How to Fix Poor Quality on Kinemaster in 3 Steps

How to Fix Poor Quality on Kinemaster in 3 Steps
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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KineMaster on Android is pretty powerful. This app can do most things a fully-fledged computer program can, from removing the green screen to making animated intros.

We’re here to show you how you can increase the quality of your video in KineMaster.

  1. Open KineMaster and access “Settings”

    How to Fix Poor Quality on Kinemaster

    Access the program from your home screen or folder. Right on the first page, below the new project and “Store” icon, you’ll see the “Settings” button. Click it, scroll all the way down, and select the “Advanced and Experimental Settings” line.

  2. Adjust the “Advanced and Experimental Settings”

    How to Fix Poor Quality on Kinemaster

    Once you access this page, the phone will prompt you to agree that you need to:

    – Ask for support to guide you


    – If you encounter problems, the video editor might become glitchy.

    Agree to the warning and proceed. On the “Settings” screen, allow the following settings:

    – Export frame rate up to 60fps

    – Import frame rate up to 240 fps

    Once you do, the program will change the settings to increase the video quality automatically.

  3. Create a project and start editing

    How to Fix Poor Quality on Kinemaster

    From here, you can go back to the project creation page, make a new one, import the media, and start editing. Once you finish, export the video, and it will be of much higher quality.

“We’ll fix it in post”

This has been an ongoing Hollywood meme when CGI came along. You’d technically be able to correct “anything” in post-production using computer technologies. Still, getting quality material isn’t something to compromise on. If you happen to have poor-quality material for some reason, some editing techniques can save you too.

Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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