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How to import your bookmarks into Opera

How to import your bookmarks into Opera
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People dislike change. Why? Because usually it takes effort – and let’s face it, we can all be a bit lazy at times. But our reluctance to try something new often means missing out.

Opera browser

Take internet browsers, for instance. I could list ten different reasons why you should switch to Opera’s latest browser. I might mention the free, unlimited VPN, the ad-blocking minimalist interface for distraction-free browsing, or the Web 3.0 support that includes a secure crypto wallet.

But if the switch to Opera isn’t easy, you’ll probably just stick to what you know. Thankfully, Opera knows this well. Instead of just making one of the best browsers ever, they’ve also made it easier than ever to switch – starting with bookmarks.

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Why import your bookmarks to a new browser?

I’ll be honest with you. I don’t use bookmarks as often as I should. I’m one of those simple folk who always types in the web address. And when I forget a URL, I waste time googling the site until I find it again. It’s frustrating, time-consuming, and makes research harder than it needs to be.

However, lots of people do use bookmarks. And they absolutely rave about them. Not only are they handy links to your favorite websites, but they’re an invaluable tool for organizing your digital life. They also help personalize the web – a guidebook to everything you love online, accessible with a single click.

In a way, bookmarks are a bit like fast travel points in Skyrim or Red Dead Redemption – places of interest you can access instantly without retreading the same old paths. So when you change browsers, it’s important you take your bookmarks with you. Or, like me, you’ll be wasting your life googling websites you’ve already visited.

How to import your bookmarks into Opera (desktop)

Importing your bookmarks into Opera is super easy. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Download and install Opera (if you haven’t done so already)
  • On the top menu, click Opera → Import bookmarks and settings…
  • Choose which browser you’d like to import from, or import directly from an HTML file.
  • Select what you’d like to import (you might also want to download cookies and your browsing history).
  • Click Import.

Once done, you should see another popup window with a big tick showing the import was successful. You can also show the bookmarks bar in Opera for fast access to your favorite websites.

How to import your bookmarks into Opera (mobile)

Once you’ve imported your bookmarks into Opera on desktop, you can then synchronize with Opera’s mobile app. This is the only way to get your bookmarks into Opera for mobile, but thankfully, it’s really easy.

  • Download and install Opera for desktop.
  • Import bookmarks as described above.
  • On the top menu, click Opera → Synchronise…
  • Sign into Opera (if you’re not already signed in).
  • You will now be able to see all the bookmarks, open tabs, browsing history, and settings on all of your devices, including your mobile app.

Synchronization only works if you’re signed in to Opera on all your devices, so make sure you stay logged in. You won’t lose data by not logging in, but you won’t have access to everything across all your devices. They need to be logged into Opera servers to enable the synchronization to work.

So there you go – a really simple way to have one of the best browsers on the market without giving up on the ease and convenience of your existing bookmarks. Some changes are easier to make than others, right?

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