How to join Test Pilot and try new Firefox extensions before everyone else

With any product or service that we use, we hope the company takes our voice into account. Take Twitter, for example. Recently, the characters per tweet increased from 140 to 280, but there still isn’t an option to edit a tweet in case of typos, which users have been asking for since Twitter was created. Wouldn’t it be useful to have the ability to choose what we want most in our services?

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Enter Firefox’s Test Pilot. Essentially, Firefox creates product concepts called “Experiments” in the form of browser add-ons and features. Users get to test-drive them for a short period of time. Concepts are created by Firefox team members, but anyone can submit ideas that could be a good addition to Firefox. Once beta testing is complete, some Experiments graduate to become official features.

The Test Pilot Wiki shows every single step taken by the Firefox team, and is completely transparent about how they come up with ideas for features with the Test Initiator Journey. As users, an in-depth A to Z timeline really makes us feel involved with the process and that our contributions, like feature submissions or just giving general feedback, are appreciated.

Once you’ve joined Test Pilot, you’ll have access to cutting-edge new features that will make browsing better. Do you remember life before tabs? It was brutal. Now, every browser has them. As Firefox continues innovating, Test Pilot gives you access to new features that are likely to become the essentials of the future.

If you’d like to see what Experiments are happening now and take part in building a great browser, head over to the Test Pilot page.

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