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How to merge an interrupted recording with Audacity

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Audacity is an award-winning, free, open-source digital audio editor and recorder. It can run on Windows, GNU/Linux, macOS, and other operating systems. Even if you’re a complete beginner, you can do lots of things with Audacity. You can record live audio using a microphone or mixer and import, combine and edit sound files. You can digitize recordings from other media and export recordings in different formats. If you’re not happy with something you’ve recorded, you can undo and redo as many steps as you need to. 

You can remove extra noises from your recording or filler words in a voice-over. And there should be no problem understanding anything in Audacity because it offers the interface in more than 30 languages!  

How to merge an interrupted recording with Audacity

Plug-ins and sound quality

Audacity supports many plug-ins to enhance your recordings, including LADSPA, LV2, VST and Audio Unit. Nyquist effects can be modified using a text editor. 

 When it comes to sound quality, Audacity supports 32-bit, 24-bit and 16-bit equipment. You can convert rates and formats using quality dithering and resampling. 

File formats supported

Audacity supports many different file formats, including FLAC, OGG, MP3, AIFF, WAV, MP2, and more. Some plug-ins will also allow you to use MP4, M4A, as well as AC3. Audacity can also convert some file types.

How to merge tracks in Audacity

Merging different audio tracks into one is among Audacity’s best features. It’s not at all difficult. This is how you combine tracks.

  1. Open Audacity

    Open Audacity or download it if you don’t already have it installed on your computer.

  2. Drag and drop audio files

    How to merge an interrupted recording with Audacity

    Drag the audio files you want to merge into Audacity’s window. Each of them will show as a track.

  3. Cut one track

    How to merge an interrupted recording with Audacity

    Select the track you want at the end of another one and choose Cut from the Edit menu. Or cut that track by using Ctrl+X.

  4. Paste track

    How to merge an interrupted recording with Audacity

    Click at the end of the track you want to run first when they’re combined, and click Paste. Or press Ctrl+V to insert the audio you’ve cut at the end of the other one.

    Play the combined track and see if you’re happy with it. If you are, export or save it as you wish.

Creative uses of Audacity

Audacity can enhance any creative projects you might undertake. Here are some ideas:

Record music

Audacity’s multi-track music recording ability is legendary, and some professional musicians use it for all their recordings, including whole albums! It’s ideal for recording backing tracks for singers.

Record your ideas

You can record story ideas if you’re a writer or song lyrics if you’re a musician. You can even record a shopping list so you don’t forget what you must buy when you get to the store.

Make a karaoke backing track

If you’re into karaoke and want to practice at home, record some backing tracks and sing to them, so that if you decide to do it in public, you’ll know exactly how you’ll sound.

Practice a speech in Audacity

You can record yourself making a speech, giving a toast or making a presentation. Practice makes perfect, and by listening to a recording of yourself, you can ensure you sound perfect.

Record audiobooks

If you have a good voice, you can record audiobooks. You can do this for your family, friends, or children or offer them to groups that provide audiobooks for visually impaired people. 

Learn a foreign language

If you want to learn a foreign language, Audacity can help. You can record yourself speaking or reading to practice and play it back to check your accent and pronunciation.

Create a podcast

Because of its multi-track capabilities, you can import audio, fade in tracks or add sound effects and music to enhance the dialogue in your podcast to make it really interesting.

Versatile Audacity makes sound easy

It’s hard to think of another software program that allows you to do as much as Audacity when it comes to recording and playing back just about anything. That’s why it’s so popular, not only with people playing around and enjoying audio but with professional musicians and writers. There’s so much you can do, so give it a try!

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