How to: Print several photos on a single page

Print several photos on a single pageA friend of mine wanted to print several body drawings for her Anatomy class and she wanted them on one single page, so that she could easily take it with her and study while commuting to campus. She asked me if I knew about any app to do that, with just one requirement: it had to be easy to use. She didn’t feel like dealing with a big multimedia photo suite just to print some drawings.

I did a quick search on Softonic and found some interesting applications that enable you to print several photos on a single sheet of paper. So here’s the list for my friend and for any of you who also wants to create a photo collage on one page, either for work or just for fun.

  • Easy JPEG Printer – Print several photos on one page in three different photo layouts
  • IDPhotoStudio – If what you need to print is ID photos, this is your best choice
  • Swift PDF – Combine several pictures in a PDF document
  • PrintStation – Create personal photo compositions with multiple possible layouts
  • Posteriza – Easily turn your photo into a large-sized poster
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