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How to save a web page to Evernote

How to save a web page to Evernote
Miranda Lucas

Miranda Lucas

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Have you ever stumbled upon a fantastic web page and wished you could save it? Well, in just a few easy steps you can do just that in the note-taking app Evernote. Just make sure you follow the instructions for your specific phone.


How to save a web page to Evernote

Saving a Web Page on iPhone

First, you will need to tap the iOS sharing button – it looks like a square with an arrow pointing up.

Once you’ve done that, tap the More button. This will allow you to edit your sharing options.

After you’ve done that, you can tap the Evernote switch to make it active. By tapping the switch, you’ll add Evernote as a sharing extension in the future. Once you’ve done so, tap the Done button to close the share options panel.

After you have closed the share options panel, Evernote will now appear in the list of apps your device can share to. If you want Evernote to appear higher up on that list, you can simply tap and drag Evernote to move it to the front of the list.

Just click the Evernote icon and the web page is clipped and shared to Evernote in the background. You have the option of selecting a notebook to save the clipped note to in Evernote.

Saving a Web Page on Android

In your browser, select the Share… option from the options menu on your Android device. (If you’re having trouble finding the options menu on your Android, remember it is typically represented by three small vertical dots). Finally, you can select Evernote from the list of sharing options.

For Android, unless you choose otherwise, web pages will be saved as full articles to the default notebook. If you want to change the destination notebook, add tags, or save only the URL, tap the elephant button that appears after you share to Evernote.

Once you’ve added the share option to your device, saving a web page to Evernote is easier than ever!

Miranda Lucas

Miranda Lucas

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