How to stream music and video from your phone to your gaming console


While many gaming consoles have their own apps that allow you to control them directly from your phone, most of them don’t have an innate way to allow your phone to stream content onto them. Despite this, practically all current gen gaming devices (such as PS3, PS4, and Xbox One) are able to connect to your phone through a variety of apps. This allows you to use your gaming console as a substitute for an Apple TV or similar televisions that let you stream directly to them. Here is the easiest way to go about this:  

How to stream from your phone to your gaming device

Step 1: Download iMediaShare

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This app is currently the best one for both Android and iPhone to use as a streaming tool for gaming consoles. It’s completely free and lets you stream basically any saved content from your phone onto your gaming device. This means you can play home videos or your saved music from your phone directly to your TV. You can also use it to stream Facebook and a few other online services (though most of these can be streamed directly through your gaming console already).


Step 2: Choose the content you want to stream

Once the app is installed, you can choose whatever content you want to appear on your gaming console. First, go into the category it would be under (such as camera roll photos), and then download the content you want to share onto the app. After selecting it, you will be promoted to “Choose a screen.” Assuming your phone and gaming device are connected to the same local network, then you will be able to choose the gaming device as an option.


Step 3: Open content on your gaming device

Once everything is set up on your phone, you can open the content on your gaming device by finding the segment that says “iMediaShare.” It should be under the video streaming tab that your gaming console has.

If you don’t like the layout of iMediaShare, Plex is a similar application that you may find helpful. It effectively works the same way, though you’ll have to pay for some of its more advanced features.

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