How to transfer songs from iPhone to PC

How to transfer songs from iPhone to PC

Transfer songs from iPhone to PCHaving an iPod or iPhone is great because you can carry your favorite music anywhere. The problem comes when you want to copy any of those songs from the Apple device onto your computer: iTunes simply doesn’t let you do it.

So here I was, with tons of cool music from my home PC loaded into my brand new iPhone and totally unable to save it to the office PC! I was sure there had to be some way round this absurd limitation… and yes, there is one! After doing some Google research I finally came up with a solution to transfer songs from iPod Touch or iPhone to the computer and viceversa. It’s fast, easy and best of all, free.

This trick works with Winamp, but requires you to have iTunes on your system as well because it installs a special USB driver that enables communication between the iPhone and the computer. Once you have both apps installed, download and install the ml_iPod plugin for Winamp too and follow these simple steps:

  1. Close iTunes – if it’s running – and launch Winamp.
  2. Plug your iPhone to the computer with the USB cable.
  3. Winamp will show a small window saying “Transfer of metadata”. When this window closes, the iPhone music library will appear on the Winamp Media Library under “Devices”.
  4. Now you can freely copy songs from the iPhone to the computer by selecting those files on the iPhone list and choosing “Copy to Hard Drive” in the context menu. Syncing also works the other way round: select files on your local media library and transfer them to the iPhone by selecting the “Send to” option in the context menu.
  5. When you’re done, eject the iPhone from Winamp. Now you’ll have to force the iPhone to reload the song database (otherwise it would use a cached one). Simply launch the iPod application and then press the Home button for about five seconds until you return to the home screen. Then launch the iPod tool again and your newly transferred songs will be right there. Enjoy!
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