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How to turn off Chrome Notifications

How to turn off Chrome Notifications


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We are spoilt for choice today when choosing a default Web browser. With excellent options available such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, it’s genuinely a matter of personal taste that decides which one you apply. 

That said, more than 310 million Web surfers (that’s almost 40% of the total market share) all opt for Google Chrome presently, and for a good reason. Most Steamers also use Google Chrome as it’s quick and easy to migrate to Chrome on all devices powered by Android, Mac, and Windows. Chrome is omnipresent due to its robust features, expansive extension possibilities, and dedicated mobile apps.

Okay, so now that we know why Chrome is such a firm favorite, we can get down to the business of managing the non-stop and disturbing onslaught of notifications. We understand how disruptive it can be if you’re busy with a significant attack in your favorite game, and Chrome feels it’s necessary to tell you that you have to run a security check. As if you don’t know it already, right?

How to disable Chrome notifications

  • Open Chrome on your device.
  • Go to ‘More Settings’ in the top R corner.
  • Go to the ‘Privacy and Security’ tab > click on ‘Site Settings.’
  • Click on ‘Notifications.’
  • Here you can manage the notifications. ‘Allow or Block All’ > select each site individually and turn it ‘On’ or ‘Off.’

How to block a website in Chrome

If you want to block a website from contacting you altogether or preventing your eight-year-old from seeing unsavory sites when researching school projects, follow the steps:

  • Search for the Chrome extension to ‘Block Site’ and add it to your browser.
  • Select ‘Add Extension’ in the pop-up box.
  • Find the new extension icon on the top R corner of your screen.
  • Open the website that you want to block – don’t feel bad; you can undo it later.
  • Click on the extension icon and select ‘Block this Website.’

How to unblock a website in Chrome

If you need to access the blocked site again, you can undo your previous actions effortlessly.



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