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How To Update Google Play Store in 3 Steps

How To Update Google Play Store in 3 Steps


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To stay up to date with all that’s new in the wonderful world of apps, you need to keep your Play Store ahead of the pack. By keeping Google Play Store updated, you’re assured of having the latest versions of the app going through all the bug fixes and improvements. Just like your Android apps, Google Play Store Android also needs essential fixes and features updated. It adds stability and visual changes to your digital store.

Update your Google Play Store

If you’re ready to learn how to update your Google Play Store, let’s jump right in.

Step 1: Open your app

  • Navigate to the Google Play app on your device
  • Click on Google Play to open it.
  • Click the slide-menu button in the app’s search bar.
  • Select ‘Settings.’

Step 2: Find your current version.

  • Scroll down and click on the ‘About’ tab. 
  • Your version is displayed here. Tap anywhere on it, and if it’s up to date, you’ll get a message saying ‘Google Play Store is up to date.’

Step 3: Update to the latest version

  • If you need an update, it will redirect to the download automatically.
  • Allow the update to complete without interruption.

You’ll mostly not even know that your Google Play Store app is updated, as it continually updates automatically in the background. If you’re like us and like to stay on top of our app’s performance, these steps will ensure you do.

What other apps can I use?

By far, Google Play is the most used digital store globally due to its app cost, distribution, and compatibility. That said, you can expand your reach and take a look at what other great app stores are offering too. The Amazon App Store is a close second for Android users and used to be the sole home of Amazon Prime and distribute games for Kindle Fire phones, tablets, and streaming boxes.

Manufacturers pre-load such devices with the Amazon App Store. If you enjoy thinking and operating outside the box, you might like what the Aurora Store offers. It’s a free alternative to Play Store for Android. 



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