powers up the Android experience

HTC has today launched a new site that delivers some innovative new features to users of HTC Sense devices. provides added value to users of its new Android devices, the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Desire Z .

One of the coolest uses for is to help you find your phone if it’s gone walkabouts. You can instruct the site to make your phone ring loudly, so you can locate it if it’s stuck behind the sofa or under the bed. Even better, you can track the exact location of your phone with, including the ability to lock it – or to post a reward message on it for anyone who hands it back to you. backs up all of your SMS messages online for posterity, and it even lets you send text messages online. Other uses for the service including adding and editing contacts, downloading apps that have been reviewed and tested by HTC, and even plotting everywhere you’ve been today on a map, using the site’s Footprints service.

HTC Sense Footprints

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