Multi-gram! Instagram’s new update is great news for anyone with multiple accounts

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Instagram is one of the hippest social networks. A new change from the Facebook-owned social network, however, might indicate the days of it being the most original social network are numbered. Obviously, we’ll still get beautifully filtered and edited photos popping up on our Instagram feeds, the only difference will be that they also might be popping up elsewhere too.

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Instagram’s “self regram” feature allows to publish your posts across multiple accounts

For most of us, this won’t make much of a difference to our day-to-day Instagram experience. Most of us only have one account. The only way this change could affect us is if we start to see the same post appearing on our timeline multiple times. This will happen if we follow more than one account that is managed by the same person or team.

Social media managers and marketers will get the most from this change. The move will help businesses and influencers publish the same content across multiple accounts, making it easier for them to reach multiple audiences. They could do this in the past, of course, but the whole process was manual as they would have to post to each account individually.

This move could be designed to bolster Instagram in the eyes of businesses looking to promote themselves over social media. The last few months has seen a number of social networks and messaging apps bolstering the toolkits they provide businesses to do that very task. Messenger has been doing it for years, WhatsApp has just launched a brand-new business facing app, and even Google Maps has started muscling in on the action.

For a long time, Instagram has been a natural home for business and product promotion. A lot of care goes into Instagram posts, and hashtags have always meant that if you can make your product look Insta-worthy, your customers will do the promoting for you. As more competitors move into the social business market, perhaps Instagram sees promoters having less time to customize posts for different Instagram accounts as they’ll likely be customizing posts across multiple social networks.

It is worth pointing out, however, that more posts doesn’t necessarily mean more hits. The copy-and-pasting of posts and then sending them out to different audiences could end up taking away from the overall quality of post published across Instagram as a whole.

The new regram feature will roll-out to iOS users soon but, as yet, there is no news about whether or not this feature will come to Android.

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