Instagrille: an Instagram app for Windows

Instagrille: an Instagram app for Windows

Instagram is massively popular on Android and iOS devices, but there hasn’t been a way to keep up with the people you follow on desktops before. Instagrille lets you do just that.

Instagrille lets you see your photos, your Instagram feed and also the current most popular images. You can see the latter with no account, but otherwise you have to sign in with your Instagram account.

It runs via the Pokki desktop app, which means you can’t run Instagrille without it, but I found it was pretty light on system resources and unintrusive. Obviously, it would be nice to be able to turn the Pokki button off if you don’t want it.

Instagrille is just for viewing Instagram – you can’t upload and edit pictures like you can with the Android and iOS apps. We have no idea what development plans are in store for Instagram now it’s been bought by Facebook, but until there is a good official browser or desktop interface, Instagrille will do fine! Read our review and download it here.

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