Revolutionize your chats with Discord’s new AI-powered features

The latest company to join the AI trend.

Revolutionize your chats with Discord’s new AI-powered features
Pedro Domínguez Rojas

Pedro Domínguez Rojas

More and more technology companies are integrating ChatGPT into their apps and services. The latest to do so is Discord, the messaging service most used by the gamer community, which has announced the launch of several updates to its platform that will make use of the OpenAI language model.


The first of these major new features is that Clyde, the platform’s bot, will have integrated ChatGPT technology, allowing users to converse with the bot as they would with any other AI-powered chatbot. By mentioning Clyde on a server (by typing “@Clyde”), you’ll be able to talk to him, ask him to create threads, request playlist recommendations, etc.

“Within an hour of using Discord, you may already see Clyde responding to slash commands or sending you a private message if you’ve made a mistake,” Discord explains in a blog post. “And, next week, Clyde will come to (artificially intelligent) life, natively within Discord, using OpenAI technology.”

In addition, Discord has updated AutoMod, the platform’s automatic moderation tool, which will now use the ChatGPT model to automatically alert a server’s moderators, distinguishing (theoretically) the context in conversations. At the moment, this AI-powered version of AutoMod is being tested on a select number of servers and it is not known when it will be rolled out generally.

Discord has also launched a feature to create summaries of conversations, generated by AI. These summaries will be grouped by topics, which will appear in a new panel located on the right-hand side, and which users will be able to join, depending on what interests them. These summaries can be activated in the server settings, although they are currently only available on a small number of servers.

Finally, Discord will also launch in the future a virtual whiteboard with which you will be able to draw anything, either alone or with your friends, and which will include an AI that will allow you to generate images from text.

Discord continues a trend with a long way to go. The latest company to jump on the ChatGPT integrations bandwagon was Slack, which announced this week a new application for its platform based on this language model that will help us write responses to our coworkers in a matter of “seconds”.


Snapchat has not wanted to miss the opportunity either, and announced a few weeks ago the launch of My AI, a chatbot also based on the artificial language model created by OpenAI.

Pedro Domínguez Rojas

Pedro Domínguez Rojas

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