Top 5 AI for image generation

Top 5 AI for image generation
Pedro Domínguez Rojas

Pedro Domínguez Rojas

The power and versatility of artificial intelligences is ever increasing. We live in a time when AIs are capable of amazing things: writing a screenplay (or an entire sitcom), rejuvenating actors, helping you do your homework or even preparing political speeches. The possibilities for AI are endless.

In addition, AIs can be used to generate spectacular images. By “training” an artificial intelligence with millions of images (something that some companies do in an amoral way with copyrighted images), it can automatically generate an image that previously “did not exist” just by giving it some textual indications. Do you want to know which are the best AIs for generating images? We list them for you.


DALL-E 2 is the image-generating artificial intelligence from OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, an artificial language model specializing in dialogue and text writing that is enormously popular and has dozens of different applications. And DALL-E 2 is no slouch in this respect either.

You only have to write what you want to see, giving as many details as you can and want. After clicking on the Generate button, the artificial intelligence will create four different images. Although it currently has no app of its own, it is a very intuitive AI, easy to use and shows amazing results. Each user has 50 credits for the first month of use and 15 for the following months, but they can buy more if they need to continue using the AI.



When it comes to creating photographs, nothing can compare to the quality of Midjourney. This artificial intelligence creates completely sharp images that will make you believe that you are in front of a real photograph. Its quality is such that some artists have won awards with creations made by the AI.

To start creating photos, you must sign up on their Discord channel and request access to their beta. Once accepted, you will be able to create 25 photos for free and then pay $8 per month if you want to continue creating photos. Also, since it is a Discord community, you will be able to see the works of other users and talk with them about your works.

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The artificial intelligence developed by WOMBO is so good at creating images that it won the award for best overall application in Google Play in 2022. The best thing about this AI is precisely that it is a mobile app, so you can carry it on your phone comfortably.

In addition to entering the parameters we are looking for in an image, the app lets you choose from different design styles, such as expressionist, comic, realistic, abstract and many more. And, if you do not want to use it on mobile, you can also run it in its desktop version. Free access is limited, with different subscription models ranging from $90 per month to $170 for a lifetime license.



In its early days, this artificial intelligence had the name “DALL-E mini“, leading people to believe that it was somehow associated with the OpenAI AI. Although this is not the case and they later changed its name, this imager is almost as versatile as DALL-E 2, although its results lack the same accuracy.

Its most positive aspect is that the AI is completely free, with no usage limits, so if you do not find the image you are looking for, you can always try again and again until you find what you are looking for (or something similar to it). In addition, the artificial intelligence is very easy to use, so anyone can make use of it without any problems.


AI Time Machine – MyHeritage

It is one of the first image AIs to catch on, and the main reason for its popularity was the boom among tiktokers. After inputting 10 to 25 photos of a single person, the MyHeritage AI is able to make a small photo gallery where you see the person starting from a very youthful look to one with quite a few years on top of it.

It is the AI image generator that will make you wait the longest: from 30 minutes to an hour and a half, although the quality and precision of the photographs compensate for the time. It can be used for free by reloading the website and waiting for an option to appear that says “Try it now for free”. If you want to save this, you can pay $12 to create your photograph.

Pedro Domínguez Rojas

Pedro Domínguez Rojas

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