iPhone 15: Unveiling the Revolutionary Smartphone of the Decade

iPhone 15: Unveiling the Revolutionary Smartphone of the Decade
María López

María López

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By now you’ve probably heard hundreds of rumors about the iPhone 15. One of the most repeated ones indicates that the next iPhone will make the difference between the standard and Pro models even more apparent. By the looks of it, they would be right. The well-known media outlet MacRumors has obtained exclusive information on the upcoming iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. What is Apple up to?


The information, from internal documents leaked to the public, highlights significant disparities in terms of specifications and design. Specifically, it was user Unknownz21 who obtained the information and should certainly be believed. In the past, he obtained an early version of iOS 14 long before the official release.

What will the future iPhone 15 bring?

According to the latest information provided by the leaker, the next iPhone will not be cheap. The documents he provided to MacRumors confirm the existence of the A17 chip, of only 3 nanometers. However, for the moment it would only be available in the Pro range. The iPhone 15 will also feature a redesigned keypad, which will become solid (or, in other words, haptically responsive). Connectivity will also be upgraded to Wi-Fi 6E, enabling fast download speeds.

The leaker has made it clear that this is just “the tip of the iceberg” and promises that there will be more leaks in the future (including images). On the other hand, the rumors indicating the superiority of the Pro range over the standard range seem to be true, which is not unreasonable. Earlier this year we experienced a similar situation with the iPhone 14.

Cameras and screens would also remain superior in the Pro range. This leads us to believe that the standard iPhone 15 will have little in common with the brand’s Pro line. However, they will share one thing: the Dynamic Island will be present in all iPhone 15s.

As if that were not enough, the iPhone 15 would be the first in its history to have USB-C. The end of lightning seems to be near (and we pray for it).

María López

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