Is Apple in big trouble? iPhone sales hit rock bottom

Is Apple in big trouble? iPhone sales hit rock bottom

Apple just announced that for the first time in more than a decade, the sales of their products have fallen in the last quarter. Sure, we could expect this from other companies, but from Apple? Something just doesn’t add up.

The last time Apple sold less than it its previous quarter was in 2003. At that time the “PowerMac” was its star product, and then they introduced the legendary iPod – however iTunes didn’t yet exist.

Bearing in mind that in 2016, Apple owes around two-thirds of its sales to the iPhone, so if its star product isn’t selling (and this quarter has been the lowest so far), their profits are clearly going to suffer.

So what’s with the sudden drop in sales?

Well, the new iPhone might have something to do with it. Although it seems to be a great device, it doesn’t show much innovation over the previous models. So what will Apple do?

Everything kind of indicates that the Apple revolution will return in 2017, when the company is rumored to be changing materials, screen technology and much more! We can’t do anything but wait and see!

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