New ‘terrain generator’ in latest Mincraft snapshot

New ‘terrain generator’ in latest Mincraft snapshot

Last week we showed you Mojang’s upcoming customizable terrain generator, and now you can try it yourself with the latest Minecraft snapshot, 14w17a.

You can test snapshots by opening Minecraft, clicking ‘New Profile’ and naming it ‘snapshots‘. You need to check the box that says ‘Enable experimental development snapshots‘ and save. This means you’ll be playing early, test versions of Minecraft which may sometimes be less reliable than the stable release.

You can switch back to the stable release by clicking on the dropdown menu in the bottom left corner of the Minecraft launcher.

Minecraft snapshot 14w17a contains these notable changes:

  • New highly customizable terrain generation! (Create new world -> “World Type: Customized”)
  • New customizable world borders! Check out the /worldborder command.
  • Lots of bug fixes, performance gains and code cleaning


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