Learn how to use the Windows Start Menu

The Start MenuThis great tip I found today on the excellent How-To-Geek blog tells you how to easily browse through your Windows Start Menu to find the application you want. Hold the “Shift” key while clicking on one of the selected programs. This will open it while keeping your start menu visible.

The How-To-Geek blog post got me wondering if there were any good applications to handle your Start Menu and possibly make it easier to use. Vista Start Menu shows programs in a table, divided in sections and has a sleek and shiny Vista look to it (though it only works for Windows 2000 and XP). Similarly, LaunchIt NOW! Plus displays your Start Menu items as shortcuts in a well structured multi-tabbed interface. Tidy Start Menu is a pretty handy tool when your menu is getting overcrowded. You’ll be able to reorganize all items into clean categories. I also quite like JetStart, which shows items as you type their name, lets you organize them by relevant sections and activate programs via hotkeys.

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