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macOS Sonoma welcomes new Game Mode, learn how to enable it

macOS Sonoma welcomes new Game Mode, learn how to enable it
Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

macOS Sonoma has landed, and it’s not coming alone. Introducing the Game Mode – Apple’s snazzy new feature tailored to elevate your gaming escapades.

Picture this: the moment you dive into your favorite game, Game Mode seamlessly rolls up its sleeves, ensuring your CPU and GPU are firing on all cylinders for that buttery-smooth performance. And wait, there’s more! If you’re a fan of going wireless, Game Mode ensures devices like your trusty controllers and those swanky AirPods respond with the agility of a cat, drastically minimizing latency. Neat, right?

So, why the special attention to gaming, you ask? Apple‘s clearly on a mission. They’re keen on painting the Mac not just as a productivity powerhouse but also as a gamer’s paradise. If you’re nodding along, itching to get started, we’re here to help.

What is the Game Mode of macOS Sonoma?

For every avid gamer, be it on PC or elsewhere, the hunger for hardware that can truly breathe life into today’s graphic-intense games is real. PC aficionados might have their fill dissecting CPU intricacies or debating GPU prowess, but Mac loyalists? Well, they’ve traditionally been at a bit of a crossroads. The longstanding gripe? The limited wiggle room to amp up hardware prowess, leading many hardcore gamers to often side-eye the Mac’s gaming credentials.

While Intel chips had their moments under the sun, the new Apple silicon has ushered in performance levels that were once the stuff of daydreams. Now, modern games on Mac not only run but sprint with a newfound zeal. Yet, while hardware customization, like swapping out for a zippier GPU, remains off the table, Apple wasn’t about to leave its users hanging. Enter the macOS Sonoma’s Game Mode. This nifty tool is Apple’s ace up its sleeve, pushing the envelope to amplify game performance.

Expect crisper video framerates, games gliding smoother with rich graphics, and that pesky latency with wireless gear? Considerably slashed. Game Mode is a potential game-changer!

How does Game Mode actually work?

Wondering what’s under the hood of Game Mode? It’s all about priorities. When Game Mode is turned on, your game is in the fast lane, revving with the CPU and GPU’s full attention. Other apps? They’re taking the scenic route in the background.


How to enable Game Mode in macOS Sonoma?

Fire up a game, and Game Mode slips into gear on its own. Keep an eye out for a heads-up notification and a game controller icon nestled in the menu bar. One click on that icon, and you’re in the know about its active status.

Here’s a tip: For Game Mode to show its mojo, your game should be flaunting its full-screen glory. Opt for a windowed gameplay session, and Game Mode takes a coffee break.

Feel like taking the reins? Click that game controller icon in the menu bar, and you’ve got a handy switch to power Game Mode down or up. A heads up: if you switch off Game Mode and bail on the game, remember to give Game Mode a nudge the next time. It won’t jump in automatically; you’ll have to cue it in.

Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

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