3 easy ways to make money in Red Dead Online

The world of Red Dead Redemption Online is vicious and cutthroat. The only way you can hope to survive is by making money, but that’s easier said than done. Dollars are hard to come by, and it takes a fair bit of saving to get your hands on some of the game’s higher tier weapons and items. If you’re looking for ways to make some quick cash, check out the tips on the list below to fill your wallet.

Easy ways to make money in Red Dead Online

1. Loot/Search for Treasure

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The first money making method is also the least certain. As a general rule, you’ll want to loot the bodies of anybody you kill. Though it may only net you a couple cents per body, you’ll also be able to get your hands on a variety of supplies and other essential items this way. By looting bodies for these items, you won’t need to buy them at shops, which means you can save your money for the more important stuff.

You’ll also want to get your hands on some maps and go treasure hunting. This works a little differently in multiplayer as opposed to single player. The first way you can get your hands on treasure maps is by leveling up, with the first map unlocking at level 10 and a new map unlocking every five levels after that. You can also come across maps in gang hideouts. They’re random spawns, so you won’t be able to find them every time, but they’re usually on the bodies of the gang leader or hidden away in a chest or lockbox in the hideout.

Once you’ve got a map and have followed it to the treasure’s general location, you should be able to use Eagle Eye to spot it easily. They usually net a decent payoff, on par with completing an actual job or mission with no need to do the work.

2. Go Hunting

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If you need a more consistent source of income, hunting is an easy way to make cash on a more regular basis. Perfect pelts will usually net you about the same payout as an average small job, so this is a good way to use your time and quickly fill your pockets. We recommend saving money to invest in a Bow and Arrow, Varmint Rifle, and larger-caliber rifle for bigger game. Between these three weapons, you’ll have every tool you need to start your hunting career and go after any size game you come across. Deer tend to net the best return on investment and are usually pretty easy to find in any area of the map, so make sure you aim for vital organs and go for clean kills to get the highest price on your pelt. Once you’re done, you can take your kills to the nearest Butcher stall to collect your cash.

3. Play Story Missions

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If you’re looking to make a larger sum, the most lucrative way to make cash in RDR Online by far is completing the game’s story missions. These multiplayer missions will usually net somewhere in the range of several hundred dollars a pop, and offer a hefty amount of experience to go with it. Missions also offer certain challenges that, if completed, will earn you even more rewards. Make sure to check out these challenges and do your best to complete them as you play. Though playing these missions is somewhat time-consuming, it’s a more than worthwhile return on your investment.

Climbing from rags to riches in Red Dead Online can be a bit of a grind. Being smart about how you spend and efficient in how you spend your time is the key to start filling up your bank account and acquiring some fancy new toys for yourself.

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