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MANGA Plus provides English versions of new manga

Madison Brown


Struggling to find English translations of your favorite manga online is now a thing of the past.

Shueisha, the entertainment section of huge Japanese publisher Shogakukan, has just launched the manga site and app MANGA Plus. You can read the newest manga as they’re published and as of today, you have over 50 different manga series to choose from.

manga plus manga listWe remember having to scour the internet to find current chapters for our favorite manga, and on the off chance that we did find something, ads slowed down the reading experience tremendously. Nostalgia is great and everything, but fortunately, none of those issues are present on the website and the app which run incredibly smoothly. You can enjoy new titles or popular favorites, like One Piece and of course, Naruto.

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manga plus latest updatesWhen a new chapter for an ongoing manga is released in Japan, you’ll be able to read it on MANGA Plus. To find out when you can read a new chapter, just click on a title and the date and time of the future releases will be listed. MANGA Plus is available globally, but at the moment titles are only available in English and Spanish. When selecting your preferred language in the app, you’ll be able to see how many titles that have been translated and are ready to read.

manga plus language selectionThere are a ton of awesome manga out there to be read, and we’re definitely going to be checking MANGA Plus first when we’re looking for something new. What is your favorite manga? Let us know!

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