Mastering combos in Icy Tower

Adepts of the little hoodster Harold the Homeboy know the strategic importance of combos in Icy Tower. If you want to make points and one day get your name on the high scores list, you need to know how to master your jumps. The player currently at the top of the list managed to pack in a whopping 1029 combo-jumps in a row!

What you need first is to gain speed, so that you can jump more than one floor at a time. As soon as you’ve managed that you’ll enter “combo mode” and the meter on the left of the screen will be activated. You’ll have to keep making jumps of two floors or higher to keep the meter from draining and ending “combo mode”. has some good tips on how to make great combos by bouncing off walls or knowing the right time to jump. We also came up with a little list of hints and cheats for those of you that are struggling. The best way to learn though is by watching, so why not check out this little video of a few super combos:


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