Meet ‘Flockers’, the new puzzle game from Team17

I sat down at EGX Rezzed to play Flockers, a new title from Team17, the UK developer most famous for the Worms series. Flockers charges players with guiding a flock of sheep through grizzly, dangerous ‘steampunk’ levels filled with spinning blades, spikes and more lethal machinery.

The sheep are trying to escape the grip of ‘the tyrannical worms’, and you have to help them by changing their formation and giving them special powers like jumping, exploding and wall climbing. The gameplay is similar to Lemmings, but the tone is altogether more gruesome. Sheep fall victim to the steampunk killing machines in showers of gore accompanied by blood curdling screams. It’s dark, macabre fun.

The demo at Rezzed had three levels, and while Senior PR executive Bethany Aston explained to me that is was possible to complete them while saving all the sheep, not saving a few does seem to be part of the fun. It’s the first non-Worms game from Team17 for some years, and they are clearly very enthusiastic to be launching a new IP.

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Aston explained to me how keen they are to get community feedback on the game, and Flockers will be available for everyone to play on PC via Steam Early Access sometime in Q2 this year, with a full release sometime later.


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