MegaReader lets you read ebooks while driving

James Thornton


Those long cross-country road trips can get very boring, but thanks to MegaReader you can now drive and read at the same time! The iPhone app lets you ‘see through’ books by overlaying text onto a live camera image, known as a Heads Up Display.


We’re guessing that this promotional video for MegaReader was produced as a prank, as no right-minded software developer would want to be responsible for condoning behavior that might lead to a fatal road traffic accident. However, the Heads Up Display feature could prove very useful for anyone who likes to read while they’re walking along.

Gimmicks aside, MegaReader is actually a very decent iOS ebook reader. It offers a selection of a whopping 1.8 million free books, has all sorts of customization options, and can be used to read in either portrait or landscape mode. For more information about MegaReader, check out my full review.

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