Microsoft Edge will let you manage your passwords by creating different categories

Microsoft Edge will let you manage your passwords by creating different categories
Daniel García

Daniel García

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Microsoft Edge Canary, the testing ground where developers try out different features, has been updated with a new and interesting feature related to the password manager within Edge. This update would refresh the system itself and add intriguing features such as categorizing each password.

This new functionality in Microsoft Edge Canary will allow you to have better control over the passwords you have stored in the system. When you accumulate passwords, being able to categorize them will enable you to be more productive in your daily life, whether it’s for work, daily routines, or leisure.

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Improvements for password management

This new password manager, as seen in the latest version of Microsoft Edge Canary, shows you how, in addition to all the information related to a website, the username and password you use, you can add categories that will be especially useful for efficient management.

These categories offer a multitude of options: email, business, news, video games, finance, shopping, social networks, technology, sports, and much more. This can be particularly helpful for active internet users who, in addition to instantly managing dozens of passwords for different websites, can easily distinguish each one by assigning them to their respective category.

Edge Canary, Microsoft’s testing ground

It’s worth mentioning that Edge Canary is an application available to all types of users, and if you enjoy trying out features before they reach the general public, you’ll like this service. In Edge Canary, you’ll have access to interesting changes and can provide feedback that will help Microsoft refine its service, improve it before its release, or discard it if it doesn’t meet expectations.

Microsoft is not the only company doing this with its browser. In fact, its main competitor, Google, also has Chrome Canary, which serves a similar function, testing various beta-phase changes to provide a better service to users.

Daniel García

Daniel García

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