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Microsoft shows off photo and movie editing apps before Windows 8.1 release

Lewis Leong


Microsoft has revealed more details about its creativity apps before the launch of Windows 8.1. Photos, Camera, Movie Moments, and Fresh Paint will all be available for free later this week for Windows 8.1.


Microsoft shows off photo and movie editing apps before Windows 8.1 release

For photos, Microsoft is making the Camera app more useful by allowing users to record video and take pictures simultaneously. Photos can then be edited quickly with the Photos app before sharing on your favorite social network. There’s also a panorama feature in the Camera app which uses Photosynth technology, which is a very handy tool for automatically stitching together shots into a panorama. To see how editing works, check out the video below.

Fresh Paint has also been updated with new digital oils and other mediums for digital artists. New to Fresh Paint are watercolors, graphite pencils, new brushes, and a complete redesign. There’s also a new “Inspire Me” feature to help find “inspirational images” to get your creative juices flowing. There are also new filters, custom palettes, and synced files using SkyDrive.

Movie Moments lets users record and edit videos fright from their Windows 8.1 device. Editing is basic, allowing users to apply filters, text, and more so don’t expect Windows Movie Maker levels of control.


Users will have to wait until the launch of Windows 8.1 on October 18th to try out all these apps.

Source: Windows Experience Blog

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