Mind-mapping: the solution for creative meltdown?

Homer's brainYou can be sure that once Bill Gates starts banging on about a new business or technology concept, IT departments everywhere will be clambering aboard the bandwagon. The craze in question this time is ‘mind-mapping,’ a system of planning and structuring ideas through a visual approach. The whole idea is that instead of thinking in a linear fashion when taking notes or brainstorming ideas, you develop a solution in the form of branches radiating from a central core, known as a mind-map.

According to Gates, mind-mapping software can “be used as a digital ‘blank slate’ to help connect and synthesize ideas and data – and ultimately create new knowledge.” It’s quite rare to hear Bill Gates talking about technology that Microsoft does not have a software program for, so you can take it as read that the Redmond giant is close to an acquisition in this area (or is that just us being cynical).

Wherever Gates’ or Microsoft’s interests lie, mind-mapping certainly represents an interesting alternative to jotting ideas on the back of cigarette packets. If you fancy expanding your thinking and planning abilities then it’s worth checking out the new MindGenius app. The mind-mapping tool is designed to offer full freedom of thought and generation of ideas, without losing track of the end product. It’s ideal as an aid to writing reports, managing meetings and making decisions – by structuring ideas and the way they inter-relate and progress, it significantly speeds up these processes and helps achieve better outcomes.

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