My wish list of new features for Talking Tom Cat 3

My wish list of new features for Talking Tom Cat 3

Rightly or wrongly, Talking Tom Cat and its sequel, Talking Tom Cat 2 are two of the most popular mobile apps of recent times. There are millions of people desperate for the release of Talking Tom Cat 3, and while we’re unable to confirm when it will be released, I can tell you what I think should be included in the new version of the talking feline game.

Music making facilities

I love using Songify to make catchy tracks on my Android phone, such as this classic. It would be great if a similar feature could be integrated into the Talking Tom Cat, allowing you to get Tom to sing back the words you speak with a catchy beat behind.

A monkey

We all know monkeys are the funniest animals, so why on Earth hasn’t Talking Tom Cat developer Outfit 7 added a simian to its stable of talking beasts? I’d give anything to be able to perform a rendition of I wanna be like you from the Jungle Book through the high-pitched mouth of an animated orangutan.

More slap varieties

It’s nice that you can give Tom a little slap when he starts annoying you. However, fans of fighting games might like to see a more skill involved – maybe some more types of slaps would liven things up a bit. Before you report me to the animal cruelty authorities, remember this is only a game. Heck, if zombies have to get bashed up in every other console game, why not a cat? To make it fair, we could even give Tom a machine gun to fight back.

Celebrity voices

Talking Tom Cat 3 is crying out for a celebrity tie-in. You could get Tom to tell work associates “I’ll be back” in Arnie’s voice when you leave a meeting, or make him remind people that “not a lot of people know that” in Michael Caine’s voice, when you tell an interesting fact to someone.

Talking Tom meets the Angry Birds

Both games are massively popular on app stores, so why doesn’t Outfit7 get together with Angry Birds developer Rovio for Talking Tom Cat 3? You could control Tom in a mission to gobble up as many of those whiny little birds as possible.

Talking Tom for Windows Phone

OK, maybe I’ve gone too far and am asking for too much now.

Let me know what you’d like to see in the next version of Talking Tom Cat.

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