Need for Speed World – a racing MMO!

Need for Speed World – a racing MMO!

World of Warcraft is all very well, but there’s one thing I always felt was missing: Ferraris*.

Luckily, EA has stepped in to save the day with Need for Speed World. This promises an enormous Need For Speed open world where player can explore and race each other. Not to be outdone by World of Warcraft, it will include role-playing level systems, so you can gain experience points and improve your ride as you progress. Test Drive Unlimited was the first open world style online racing game, but Need for Speed World promises to be bigger, brasher and busier. Not to mention playable on PC!

It will be free to play, with optional micro payments for upgrades like in BattleField Heroes. Head over to the Need for Speed World page and sign up for the beta – there are limited places, but they’ll give out more and more as time goes on. While the Need for Speed series hasn’t always been great, I think this is a really exciting prospect.

*I am well aware the car in the picture is not a Ferrari!

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