Netflix Games to rollout out on Android globally with iOS coming soon

Netflix Games to rollout out on Android globally with iOS coming soon
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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Gaming has been a massive industry for several decades now, raking in the cash alongside sister entertainment entities like movies and TV shows. It comes as no surprise that Netflix has joined the mix and started offering its own games on Android

Today, you’ll see a few selections you can download from your favorite app store. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect.

What are Netflix games?

As a new division under the popular label, Netflix Games will be outsourcing developers so that it can publish games on various devices. You may have seen a rise in some interactive shows on the streaming platform, such as trying to Escape the Undertaker as a fun WWE game. You play as three well-known wrestlers in a real environment, making choices with your TV remote control.

Well, Netflix has taken it a step further and introduced mobile games. For now, you can download them from any Android app store, but there are plans to include them in the Netflix app in the future.

netflix games coming to android

Which titles will Netflix Games host?

At the moment, there are five games you can play. When they become available on the mobile app, you’ll see a new row specifically for gaming. You’ll be able to play it directly in the application without needing to download a separate file.

Here are the titles you can try:

  • Stranger Things: 1984 
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game
  • Shoot hoops
  • Card explosion
  • Rocking up

To be able to play Netflix Games, you’ll need to have a monthly paid subscription. So, if you’ve canceled your account at some point, it may be worthwhile signing up for Netflix again.

Limitations on devices

Netflix Games is only available on Android for now, but we’ll be seeing an iOS update soon. The company has also announced that you’ll be able to play on different platforms when the functionality arrives, but there’ll be a limit to how many devices you can use. 

It will be fascinating to see if Netflix Games will be going multiplayer at some point in the future. They already have Netflix Party/Teleparty available, which allows people to watch shows together. It’s not a far leap to imagine they could use a similar system for gamers to join in co-op or competitive titles.

Parental control

You may know that Netflix has some strict parental control features in place for the movies and shows. When you set up profiles for children, they’re limited in what they can watch. You can even establish a pin so that they can’t access your content.

Well, it seems like Netflix Games is going the same way. Child profiles won’t see any of the games on their lists or on their mobile devices. If you have a pin set up, they’ll need to use the same code to access the titles. In this way, you’ll protect them from gore and violence in any of these games (as if that ever stopped them).

netflix games coming to android

Welcome to a new gaming platform

It’s interesting to see Netflix make such a massive move to games when their movies and shows are doing so well. If you’re been paying attention, you may have seen many actors and producers move from popular film publishers to Netflix. We’re even seeing old series appear, such as Friends, Seinfeld, and more.

It makes us wonder how long before top titles like Call of Duty and Fortnite move to Netflix as a new option. They can reach a wider market, while the profit may be more lucrative for indie developers. Remember, you heard it here first and we called it.

Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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