Optimization and customization in Windows XP

Optimization and customization in Windows XP

We often find that the most popular posts on insideTonic involve tips and recommendations for either optimizing Windows PCs, or customizing them with new themes and visual styles. This week has been no different and it’s not hard to see why: there’s no doubt that we all want to have the fastest, best looking PC on the block.

With this in mind, Nick continued searching for perfect performance by putting together his Top 10 list of the best optimization tools for Windows XP. From complex RAM managers to all-in-one wizard apps, this list is certain to get your PC up to tip-top performance. He’s pretty insatiable, though, so he also tested out the most popular disk defrag tools – if you haven’t done a defrag for a while, you’ll find it improves your system stability and speed.

One of the most popular topics for debate since the launch of Windows Vista is how to get your XP computer to look like Vista without forking-out $400. While some critics have argued that Vista doesn’t offer many new features, elements like the new Start Menu have proven popular with XP users. If this sounds interesting, check out my post discussing the pros and cons of installing the Vista Start Menu in XP.

World of Warcraft now has over 9 million subscribers! If you’re one of them, you should probably take a look at Elena’s latest WoW post, which covers the best add-ons for the virtual world. Finally, our favourite Internet TV application, Joost, has finally launched to the general public. If you still haven’t tried it, now’s your chance: this is the future of television.

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