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PDFelement 6: your flexible and easy-to-use solution for creating and editing PDFs

Daniel Caceres


In May, Adobe announced that on October 15, 2017, support for Adobe Acrobat XI and Adobe Reader XI would end. This means that from that day on, Adobe will no longer offer updates or technical support for these two programs, which are designed to view, create and edit PDF files.

Several companies or individual users may decide to keep using Acrobat XI or Reader XI after October 15. Though you may have your reasons, we don’t recommend it.

PDFelement 6: your flexible and easy-to-use solution for creating and editing PDFs

Programs that stop receiving security patches become security breaches, allowing viruses and malware to take over. If this is a big headache for an individual in this situation, imagine what would happen when private documents or data for a company is compromised or deleted.

Adobe suggests that Acrobat XI and Reader XI users get the latest versions of Adobe Acrobat DC. A big company can afford the higher monthly subscription for Acrobat DC.

But, what about the medium or small sized businesses? In this case, investing in a program like Adobe is risky because once you can’t keep paying for the subscription, you lose your license. Also, Adobe Acrobat DC isn’t exactly an easy program suite to learn or master.

PDFelement 6, to the rescue! An affordable, flexible, easy-to-use alternative that lets users create, edit, combine and even convert PDF documents in a jiffy. If you’re a company that values efficiency, or a student who has to deal with PDFs for schoolwork, you’ll like PDFelement 6.


While Adobe makes you conform to its interface and rules, PDFelement 6 uses a similar design and interface to Office 2016, both for Windows and Mac, so this familiarity helps you get to work right away.

PDFelement 6 lets you directly edit the text. The program recognizes paragraphs and sections, so you just have to click on the area where you want to edit to get started. This option, direct editing, is great for when we want to make small changes. Especially given how hard it can be to change anything in a PDF document.


And with small changes, I don’t mean just writing text: you can add or edit notes such as comments, reviews, seals, marks, as well as change the font, or add or edit images… All this without converting the format.


But what if you need to make more extensive changes? You can convert the PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint… or other formats such as ePub or HTML. This conversion can be done with the click of a button and you can choose the range of pages you want to convert.


When the file is ready, you can edit it and then re-convert it to a PDF again by using the corresponding option in PDFelement. The program will convert any PDF document without losing the format or fonts… It’s that easy and effective.

Behind its “magic,” you’ll find advanced character recognition technology (OCR). With this technology, you can scan paper documents and successfully turn them into editable files.

With the click of the recognition button, you’ll mark all the fields that you normally have to fill in by hand to convert them into editable text areas that you can fill in digitally.


Watermarks, digital signatures, restricted access… all the elements a company needs for preparing documents are available in PDFelement. But that’s not all.

One of the features that saves companies the most time and money is data extraction from scanned PDFs. Instead of having to enter all data manually, a task that could take hours and even days, you only have to create an extraction template for PDFelement and within minutes check if you have all the data you need in a single .CSV file.

With this feature, a company can convert years of manual data entry to 100% editable data, ready to be converted to 300 file and image types. Data extraction, which itself stands out as a unique feature, is even more significant considering the affordable price of the program.

If this feature alone can streamline workflows at a company, imagine the impact of PDFelement once it’s used to its full potential. We’re not talking about the ease of creating forms (which you can make starting from scratch or by taking advantage of the 8,000 available templates), but its option to protect files through AES 265-bit encryption passwords.


That’s another difference from Adobe. While Adobe focuses first on its software and then its users, Wondershare wants to help its users through PDFelement 6.

In addition, you’ve got a ton of video tutorials on PDFelement’s YouTube channel. Here’s an example:

Wondershare, its creator, helps users with all possible formats so you don’t miss out on anything the program offers.

PDFelement 6 is constantly updated and adds new features that always are based on real user needs. Without going into too much detail, in one of the most recent versions of PDFelement 6, Wondershare introduced adjustable page size and page labelling. Users had told Wondershare that they needed these two features.

How did they tell them? Through a technical support system with one-to-one communication between the client and Wondershare. Their team usually responds to questions quickly and efficiently so the client can get back to work with the program right away.

Besides user assistance, you’ve got the previously mentioned video tutorials, basic guides and a forum to share questions, tricks and tips.

What about the license model for PDFelement 6? Unlike Adobe, where you pay to access a service, once you have PDFelement, it’s yours, without fear that Wondershare will suddenly stop supporting it to prioritize other programs.

There are two available versions of PDFelement 6: Standard and Professional.


The first is designed more for personal use (a student could take advantage of this option, for example) while the second is ideal for the business world since it includes previously mentioned features such as PDF scanning and conversion from standard PDFs to PDF/A, a format designed for the long-term storage of electronic documents. You can find all these differences on the official webpage.

Prices start at $99.95 and Wondershare offers volume discounts for companies that need multiple copies. These copies will be available for Mac, Windows and iOS.

You can also try out the two versions, Standard and Professional, for free for an unlimited time to see which of them is better suited for your needs. Just take account that a watermark will appear on the saved output file.

PDFelement 6 is affordable, includes a lifelong license, is easy-to-learn and includes all possible support; if you used to have Adobe Reader XI and Acrobat XI until now, don’t forget about this alternative before “updating” to a more expensive, complex and uncertain option.

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