Plan meals and organize recipes with Say Mmm

Plan meals and organize recipes with Say Mmm

Are you constantly stuck for ideas for what to do at mealtimes? Do you always forget the excellent recipes that you’ve used over the years? Never have the right ingredients to make something nice? Then say hello to Say Mmm.

This easy-to-use online service allows you to organize and prepare all of your meals in advance so you don’t arrive home from work to face an empty pantry and a lack of culinary imagination. Say Mmm boasts a number of tools for planning meals, adding recipes, creating shopping lists, and discovering new dishes.


Say Mmm lets you enter meal ideas into daily and weekly calendars, earmarking certain days to eat out if you wish. You can add notes and even photos to your meal ideas, and add any necessary ingredients to the shopping list section.



The Cook page of Say Mmm allows you to add new meal ideas and recipes. It also provides lots of inspirational recipes ideas, in the form of a selection of easy meals and weekly discoveries. You can also view recipes uploaded by friends and other members of the Say Mmm community.


Store Recipes

You can store multiple recipes in Say Mmm. You can enter your own recipes manually, even adding images and text formatting. Alternatively, you can insert links to online recipes of great dishes that you’ve discovered.



One of the great things about Say Mmm is that it allows you to learn more about cooking through its community section. You can share your thoughts with Facebook-style status updates, share recipes and restaurants, and send messages to friends.



Say Mmm allows you to quickly put together a list of everything you need to buy. You can choose ingredients from the large, built-in database, or enter them yourself. You can even add in prices to help you manage your shopping budget.


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