Plants vs Zombies Updated – Now with Zen Garden!

Plants vs Zombies for iOS was updated today with some interesting new add-ons that extend the gamelife of the popular time-waster.

PvZ is, without question, the best tower defense game for iOS. Unfortunately, the adventure mode is over all too quickly and there’s little to satisfy your green-fingered cravings. Thankfully though, developer PopCap has recently been adding more and more stuff for you to do away from the main game.

The new Zen Garden feature of Plants vs Zombies

This latest update introduces a new Zen Garden section (above) where you can collect and grow your own plant collection. If you come back and water them every day then you’ll earn coins to spend in Crazy Dave’s shop.

On the subject of the shop, Crazy Dave now has some more fun minigames for us, including the Zombiquarium, Zombotany and It’s Raining Seeds. There are also new achievements to unlock in the game, making this a Plants vs Zombies update that you’re going to want to download!

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