Play soccer on the web with FIFA Online 2

Play soccer on the web with FIFA Online 2

If you’re hankering after a game of FIFA but can’t afford to purchase it outright, then check out FIFA Online 2.

A while ago we brought you news of FIFA Online, EA’s web-based version of its popular soccer sim. Unfortunately, the beta has now closed, and the game is no longer available to play. But the good news is that there is another web version of FIFA available to play for free.

FIFA Online 2

Distributed by Asian games operator, IAH Games, FIFA Online 2 is a licensed version of the soccer game, based around the FIFA 07 engine. It’s a good reproduction of FIFA, with decent graphics, simple controls and loads of officially licensed players and teams. Read my full review of FIFA Online 2 for more.

In order to download and play the game you need to sign up for a Passport with IAH Games. It seems from the location selection option in the registration process that FIFA Online 2 is designed just for the South East Asian market. However, if you’re outside of this zone, simply select ‘Others’ when asked.

You can choose to download FIFA Online 2 using the IAH Games installer, or just the normal game client. We’d recommend you go for the latter, as it’s quicker and easier.

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