Pokki introduces App Store along with major updates

Pokki introduces App Store along with major updates

Pokki, an app that improves your Windows 7 experience by letting you install a variety of different games, social media and productivity apps, recently released a major update in honor of its million monthly active users achievement. On top of a few nice customization perks, there are also some new apps available for download that should appeal to a wide base of users.

If you haven’t already given Pokki a try, now’s a great time to check it out. It’s easy to download, and installing new apps is a snap through Pokki’s desktop App Store.

Here’s what came with Pokki’s most recent major update that takes it out of beta and into the mainstream.

Apps Menu

Now it’s easier than ever to keep track of your apps on Pokki. Just click the little acorn menu in your taskbar after install, and a simple but sleek looking app menu will pop up to show you apps you already have installed, as well as popular apps you might be interested in.

In addition to being able to view your Pokki apps in one convenient place, you can also arrange them for quick launching, which is a definite perk for the organizationally obsessed.

Desktop App Store

Taking a page out of the Mac Store’s book, the Pokki App Store is a desktop version of Pokki’s website repository of available apps to download. It’s easy to navigate and search for whatever types of apps you’re interested in. You can read app descriptions, peruse screenshots, and even read user reviews before deciding to install. If you do want to give an app a try, Pokki offers a simple, one-click installation process.

“Store” is also a bit of a misnomer, considering the vast majority of the apps (if not absolutely every single one of them I browsed through today) appear to be free. Not a bad deal!

New Notifications and Badges

On the right side of your Apps Menu, you’ll now also be able to see any and all notifications you might’ve missed (or purposefully avoided) on your individually installed apps. Pokki news that links back to the main website will also be listed. These notifications are conveniently organized by app and sorted from the most recent up top to the oldest at the bottom. To get rid of the notifications, either click on them and launch the respective app, or you can click the “X” button directly to the right of each app’s name. Note that if you opt for the latter, all notifications will be deleted under a specific section.

You’ll also continue to see brief notifications appearing over each app’s icon in your taskbar. These are real-time notifications that disappear a few seconds after you receive them. Click on them to launch the app.

Each app you opt to place individually as an icon on your taskbar will also offer a little white badge with a number on it. This number corresponds to the amount of unseen items you have for each app. If you have four unread emails in the Gmail app, for example, your badge will appear with the number four.

New apps

Pokki already has some great apps available, including Four Horsemen, Tweeki, and Mixtape, which are my personal favorites.

This update brings even more great apps. There’s a new app for the ever popular Angry Birds game, as well as a Pandora Radio app that gives Pandora users an experience a little closer to the Spotify desktop app, as well as an app for Pinterest users.

Have you given Pokki a try yet? If so, what’s your favorite app? Let us know in the comments.

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