Preview: Asphalt 7: Heat

Preview: Asphalt 7: Heat

Tomorrow sees the iOS launch of Gameloft’s hotly-anticipated racing game, Asphalt 7: Heat. We’ve tried out a preview version of the game already and it looks like it’ll be a real smash hit.

With more game modes, better graphics and two multiplayer options, Asphalt 7 improves significantly on the previous version of the game.

There are 16 different courses in Asphalt 7, all of which have been lovingly rendered, making for a stunning backdrop to races. Locations include London, Hawaii, Havana, Tokyo, LA, The Alps and Reykjavik, and the diversity between the courses really lifts the game.

A blistering mobile driving experience

One thing that’s for certain is that it’ll be a long time before you get bored of Asphalt 7. The game boasts more than 60 vehicles to unlock, 13 cups in career mode, and six different race types. You can race against a friend over Bluetooth or WiFi, or take on up-to five other players online.

Asphalt 7 is one of the best looking racing games we’ve seen. Viewed on the retina display of the latest iPad, it’s a sight to behold, and rivals games like Real Racing 2 HD and Reckless Racing 2 visually.

Check out the screenshots below to see for yourself then go check out our full review of Asphalt 7: Heat. The game hits the iOS App Store tomorrow, 21st June and an Android version is on the way too. If you like driving games Asphalt 7 is one not to be missed.

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