Preview deleted files before you restore them

Preview deleted files before you restore them

Delete KeyThere are many tools out there that can help if the worst happens – i.e. you lose or delete an important file accidentally. However, most of them require you to restore the files before you can see exactly what you’ve deleted. This is not only time consuming but it’s also dangerous because you may end up restoring files that can do damage to your PC.

One way to avoid this is with UnDeleteMyFiles because it has a built in preview function which allows you to see what you’ve deleted before you restore it. It works by only restoring files to a temporary directory so that you can see exactly what’s been deleted but posing no risk to your system and reducing precious restoration time.

UndeleteMyFiles screenshot

In addition, it can also be tailored to the type of deleted files you are dealing with depending on what mode it is in – File Recovery, Media Recovery and Mail Recovery. The names are pretty self explanatory but Media Recovery helps you to undelete media files while Mail Recovery can rescue deleted emails. File Recovery is for absolutely everything else you might need to preview.

Normally in Windows, the only option you’ve got in accidental deletion cases is the System Restore function which restores your system to a previous state. However, it takes absolutely ages for Windows to perform this and you’ll save time and put your system at less risk my using UnDeleteMyFiles. Best of all, it’s entirely free!

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