RDR2: “Paying Respects” achievement guide (maps included)

Over the course of Red Dead Redemption 2’s story, the members of Dutch’s gang experience more than their fair share of grief and loss. Living the life of an outlaw means death can come at any time, and a number of your comrades will fall before Arthur Morgan’s story is through. The “Paying Respects” achievement is only available after beating the game, and tasks you with visiting the graves of your fallen friends. This can be a bit difficult to do, since the graves aren’t marked on the map, but we’ve found them for you.

Before reading on, be warned: there are major spoilers ahead.

RDR2: “Paying Respects” Achievement Guide

Grave 1: Jenny Kirk

red dead redemption 2 jenny kirk grave
Jenny Kirk’s Grave
red dead redemption 2 jenny davey graves
Jenny’s grave (northernmost marker)

You can read about young Jenny Kirk in Arthur’s journal. Unfortunately, we never get to meet her, as she dies before the story even begins, during the gang’s ill-fated robbery in Blackwater. You can find her grave along a snowy riverbank north of Colter, the abandoned mining town in the mountains where the game begins.

Grave 2: Davey Callander

red dead redemption 2 davey grave
Davey Callander’s grave
red dead redemption 2 jenny davey graves
Davey’s grave (southernmost marker)

Davey’s also another character we don’t get to see much of. One of a pair of brothers, both are shot during the Blackwater heist before the start of the game. Davey’s brother dies, but Davey himself manages to hang on before finally expiring shortly after the gang reaches Colter. You can find his grave at the very back of the cemetery next to Colter’s abandoned church.

Grave 3: Sean MacGuire

red dead redemption 2 sean grave
Sean MacGuire’s grave
red dead redemption 2 rhodes grave map
Sean’s grave (northernmost marker)

Poor Sean doesn’t stick around for long. Near the end of the gang’s time in Rhodes, he’ll take an unexpected sniper bullet to the head while on a job with Arthur, Micah, and Bill. The vibrant Irishman’s final resting place can be found in the trees just north of the remnants of the gang’s camp at Clemens Point.

Grave 4: Kieran Duffy

red dead redemption 2 kieran grave
Kieran Duffy’s grave
red dead redemption 2 rhodes grave map
Kieran’s grave (southernmost marker)

Kieran doesn’t die well. He meets his end while the gang makes their camp at Shady Belle, his gruesome fate serving as a warning from members of his former gang, the O’Driscolls. Despite being a new and somewhat misfit addition to the gang, he still got a proper burial. You can find his grave in a peaceful meadow just south of Bolger’s Blade.

Graves 5 & 6: Lenny Summers and Hosea Matthews

red dead 2 hosea lenny graves
Hosea and Lenny’s graves
red dead redemption 2 saint denis grave map
Hosea and Lenny’s grave markers

These two deaths are particularly devastating. Both Lenny and Hosea meet their ends at the hands of lawmen during the gang’s disastrous bank robbery in Saint Denis. They’re buried side by side, in the shade of a large cypress tree north of the city.

Grave 7: Susan Grimshaw

red dead redemption 2 susan grave
Susan Grimshaw’s grave
red dead redemption 2 roanoke ridge grave map
Susan Grimshaw’s grave marker

Susan Grimshaw was a tenacious old bird, right up until the end. When Dutch’s gang starts to fall apart and tensions rise at the final camp in Beaver Hollow, Grimshaw pulls a shotgun, but Micah beats her to the draw and she takes a bullet to the gut. She’s buried at the top of a cliff southwest of Elysian Pool, overlooking Roanoke Valley.

Grave 8: Eagle Flies

red dead redemption 2 eagle flies grave
Eagle Flies’ grave
red dead redemption 2 ambarino grave map
Eagle Flies’ grave marker (westernmost marker)

Eagle Flies was a headstrong warrior, and that headstrong fighting spirit eventually led to his demise. He takes a bullet during his reckless assault on the Cornwall Oil Fields, and Arthur manages to get him back to the Wapiti Indian Reservation so he can say his final goodbyes to his devastated father, Rains Fall. His grave marker is on a cliff overlooking Donner Falls, with his trusty bandana hanging from a branch.

Grave 9: Arthur Morgan

red dead redemption 2 arthur grave
Arthur Morgan’s grave
red dead redemption 2 ambarino grave map
Arthur Morgan’s grave (easternmost marker)

The final and perhaps most gut-wrenching death of all, Arthur finally meets his end at the finale of Red Dead 2’s main story. Though we do see the moment coming due to a diagnosis with terminal tuberculosis earlier in the game, it’s still a very painful goodbye. After one final fight with the law and the turncoat Micah Bell to make sure John Marston and his family can escape to start a new life, Arthur passes away as the sun rises over the Roanoke Ridge Valley. Afterward, Charles Smith returned to retrieve his body, and laid him to rest at the top of a cliff east of Eagle Flies’ grave and northeast of Bacchus Bridge.

Once you’ve visited the 9th and final grave and said your final goodbyes, the “Paying Respects” achievement will be unlocked.

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