Reckless Racing gets new tracks and vehicles

Reckless Racing gets new tracks and vehicles

EA’s Reckless Racing has brought top-down racing back from the dead. Its perfect mix of great control and lovely graphics is the best the genre’s seen, and it really brings back memories of the last great top-downer, Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off Road.

The only criticism of Reckless Racing was its small number of tracks, but update now to version 1.2 and you’ll get two more, The Island and Frozen Lake. There are also two new vehicles, with drivers Boss and Granny. The Island is the toughest track in the game, with tricky corners and bottlenecks, while Frozen Lake gives you some great iced corners to drift round. If you’ve never checked it out, have a look at James’ review then buy it for 99 cents on the iTunes Store.

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