RDR 2: “Duchesses and Other Animals” Guide

red dead redemption 2 algernon's revolver

In Red Dead Redemption 2, players encounter a variety of colorful strangers, each offering unique side quests with equally unique rewards. One such quest, “Duchesses and Other Animals,” will reward the player with a unique hat and a beautiful custom revolver that can’t be obtained elsewhere. The quest itself, however, isn’t easy. Players will have to head to the far corners of the map to collect rare items for a collector in Saint Denis, and without knowing where these items are, it can be a long time before this quest is completed. Don’t fret: we’ve made it easy for you so you can get your hands on that unique gun and hat in no time at all.

RDR 2: “Duchesses and Other Animals” Guide

At some point during Chapter 4, players have the option to meet with Algernon Wasp, an exotics collector, at his shop in Saint Denis. Head to the shop to talk to Algernon, who explains that he’s been commissioned to create artistic pieces for various high-profile clients. He wants to hire you to help collect the items he needs. The quest is split into five parts, and will involve both gathering certain flowers and hunting rare birds.

Part One

red dead redemption 2 quest map part 1
Egret/Lady of the Night locations

Item Requests:

  • 5  Little Egret Plumes
  • 5 Reddish Egret Plumes
  • 5 Snowy Egret Plumes
  • 15 Lady of the Night Orchids

Rewards: $110

The first part of the quest will see you hunting exotic egrets. For this task, make sure you have a Varmint Rifle handy. Egrets of all kinds like to hang around in the red circle marked on the map above, mostly the eastern end of the Bayou Nwa. They’ll hang around in clusters, but will bolt at the sound of a gunshot. We recommend using Dead Eye to pick your shots and take out as many as you can in one swoop. You may have to leave and return to the area several times to let the egrets return so you can get enough plumes. You may also notice herons and spoonbills as you hunt. Take these out too, as you’ll need them for later stages of the quest. After you’ve finished bird hunting, snatch up the orchids, denoted with blue dots on our map.

Part Two

red dead redemption 2 duchesses quest map 2
Moccassin Flower Locations
red dead redemption 2 duchesses quest map 3
Lady Slipper Orchid locations

Item Requests:

  • 20 Heron Plumes
  • 7 Lady Slipper Orchids
  • 10 Moccasin Flower Orchids

Rewards: $125

Part two is a bit more involved, and will see you riding out of Lemoyne for most of the quest. First, gather up some heron plumesYou’ll find them in the same area you found the egrets in part one, as well as other watery areas in Leymone, such as along river banks or on the swampy shores of the bayou. Next, head up to Roanoke Ridge to gather Mocassin Flowers, marked with pink dots on our map. You’ll be able to find most of what you need near Butcher’s Creek. Finally, you’ll need to ride out to Big Valley to grab Lady Slipper Orchids, which we’ve denoted on our map with green dots.

Part Three

red dead redemption 2 duchesses map 3
Part 3 Item Map 1
red dead redemption 2 duchesses map 4
Part 3 Item Map 2

Item Requests:

  • 25 Gator Eggs
  • 3 Acuna’s Star Orchids
  • 7 Cigar Orchids
  • 5 Ghost Orchids

Rewards: $150

Part three should be fairly quick and easy to complete. Gator’s eggs have been indicated in orange dots on our map, and contain 5 eggs per cluster. Acuna’s Star Orchids are designated with black dots, Cigar Orchids with purple dots, and Ghost Orchids with light blue dots.

Part Four

red dead redemption 2 map 5
Part 4 Item Map 1
red dead redemption 2 map 6
Part 4 Item Map 2

Item Requests:

  • 30 Spoonbill Plumes
  • 5 Night Scented Orchids
  • 10 Rat Tail Orchids
  • 5 Spider’s Orchids

Rewards: $175

Some more hunting is in store for this bit of quest. Grab a Varmint Rifle and take down some spoonbills. They can be found in the same areas as egrets and herons, as well as along riverbanks and near other watery areas. Then, you can gather your orchids. Night Scented Orchids are light green, Rat Tail Orchids are yellow, and Spider’s Orchids are gold.

Part Five

red dead redemption 2 quest map 7
Part 5 Item Map 1
red dead redemption 2 map 8
Part 5 Item Map 2
red dead redemption 2 map 9
Part 5 Item Map 3

Item Requests:

  • 5 Clamshell Orchids
  • 5 Dragon’s Mouth Orchids
  • 5 Queen’s Orchids
  • 10 Sparrow’s Egg Orchids

Rewards: $200, Exotic Hat, Algernon’s Revolver

Finally, perhaps the most involved bit of the quest. It’s only gathering orchids, but it’ll take you to the far corners of the map. You’ll find the Clamshell Orchids at the maroon dots, Dragon’s Mouth at the grey dots, Queen’s Orchids at the fuschia dots, and Sparrow’s Egg Orchids at the navy dots.

Take these orchids back to Algernon to receive your final rewards:

red dead redemption 2 exotic hat
The Exotic Hat

The Exotic Hat is a suitably over-the-top bit of headwear: a wide-brimmed grey hat with egret plumes tucked into the blue satin band.

red dead redemption 2 algernon's revolver
Algernon’s Revolver

Algernon’s Revolver is a unique variant of the Double Action Revolver. It’s stainless steel, short barreled, and engraved with gold art-deco embellishments. It’s also got a wide mother-of-pearl grip and a nice, snappy firing rate. This excellent weapon makes all that work worth it.

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