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Rumor: Start Menu to return to Windows by fall this year

Rumor: Start Menu to return to Windows by fall this year

Reliable Windows source WZOR has leaked details of Windows 9 and upcoming updates to Windows 8.1. According to the leak, there could be another major Windows 8 update this year, and Windows 9 will likely introduce a redesigned ‘Metro’ interface.

WZOR says that an upcoming update to Windows 8 could be ‘Windows 8.1 Update 2‘ or ‘Windows 8.2‘. Either way, it’s likely to see the return of the Start Menu. That was shown at the BUILD developers conference, but Microsoft have not announced if it will be part of an update to 8.1, or 8.2. WZOR states that it will be re-introduced to Windows before Windows 9 is released. It is expected to be released in fall this year.

Windows 9 will include a start button and menu, and these will also feature in the redesign of Metro (the ‘modern user interface). WZOR says the start button/menu will be different depending on whether you are using a desktop or touchscreen device.

Another rumor is the development of a Windows Cloud OS, which would be free, but with premium features for more functionality. There have been plenty of rumors that Microsoft might follow Apple with OS X and make Windows 9 free, but WZOR states that the evidence is inconclusive.

Source:, WZOR


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