Rumor: Telltale games developing a Game of Thrones title

Rumor: Telltale games developing a Game of Thrones title

Telltale Games, developers of The Walking Dead games, is rumored to be making a Game of Thrones title.

The rumor comes via games site IGN, who says multiple sources have confirmed the story. The series of books by George R.R. Martin is called A Song of Ice and Fire – the first book is names Game of Thrones, as is the HBO series. Whether Telltale is developing a game based on the books, or closer to the series is unknown.

Telltale officially has no comment, but haven’t denied the rumors so far. Game of Thrones certainly deserves better than what it has got so far in gaming. There are currently three games based on the series, and none are better than mediocre. There’s the real time strategy of A Game of Thrones: Genesis, an upcoming MMORPG Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms which isn’t looking too promising, and 2012’s buggy, uninspiring adventure from Atlus.

Telltale would be an ideal developer to make an interactive version of Game of Thrones. Having almost single handedly rescued the point and click adventure genre, their excellent adaption of The Walking Dead was many people’s game of 2012. Telltale currently has The Walking Dead Season 2 and The Wolf Among us in development, but haven’t made any official announcement about future titles.

We’ll definitely keep an eye out for any confirmation of a Telltale Game of Thrones adaption.

[Source: IGN]

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