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Safe File Sharing 101: Getting Started

Softonic Editorial Team


Now that you have your hands on SHAREit, it’s important to focus on safety when sharing files online. To find out how you can keep your PC or digital device secure, check out this important information:

Only Download Files From Trusted Sources

Let’s face it: with the abundance of websites online these days, it can be downright tricky to know who to trust. Of course, there are plenty of well-known sites that are household names, but there are many, many more sites that are less well-known. So, how do you know who to trust?

First, if you come across a site that’s offering a download that you want, but you’ve never heard of or dealt with the site before, do a search of the URL. The results you receive will likely let you know if other web users have had problems with the specific site.

Also, always make sure to check the URL for accuracy. Some devious webmasters will use misspelled URLs in the hope that you will either not notice a missing or extra letter or that you will mistype the URL. These people will often go so far as to make the website look and feel just like the real thing in order to convince you that it’s safe to download from the site.

Use an Anti-Virus Program

Another important step in protecting your PC or digital device when downloading or receiving shared files is to utilize an anti-virus program, like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. While you can pay for an anti-virus program, there are many free options available online that perform just as well. Whenever you download a file, scan it before opening it. In fact, some anti-virus programs will allow you to scan the file as it’s downloading for extra protection.

Read the Fine Print

When installing a new program that you downloaded, you’ll likely be excited to get it up and running. On top of that, you’ve probably installed enough programs by now that you simply click through the prompts during the installation process. The problem here is that malicious software manufacturers are counting on you to simply click ‘yes’ for every option. What you might not see when you do this is that certain options are already selected that give the program permission to download and install other programs that may cause harm to your PC or digital device.

Always take your time when installing anything that you have downloaded and read through all of the options that the installer is offering. If you see something that is selected that gives the program permission to download additional software, do your research to see if the additional software is safe.

Enjoy safer sharing with Avast, a free anti-virus program!

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